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2013.03.22 Fri
Hello I'm Back Again.
It's been a while since the last post. Who still checks this blog? No idea lol

I've been doing a lot of stuffs, on surface it looks meaningless, but extremely important in our lives, hard to describe with language, invisible things.

some could call it spiritual, but some could define it with science, some theories,,,, and make it make sense.

So I can say,,,, this assignment is quite harder than the ones I addressed when I was working. Because "work" is visible material, and much easier to distinguish.

And That's why it's quite hard to keep myself sane lol
Because it looks meaningless on surface.

So here it is, it pushes me to record something I feel lol


Peace Out

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2012.12.12 Wed
set off another story.
I'm taking off tomorrow, to Myanmar, where I left after all last time, so I was planning to go visit within this year.

The flight is stopping by Guangzhou, Chine, staying a night, and after that, finally be there.

In my plan, I'll come back after couple weeks, but not sure yet:) again:)


Let's!! pack!!

Goooooooddaaaaaaaaamnn!! LOL

peace out

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2012.11.17 Sat
One Love To South East Asia From Japan.
It's been roughly couple weeks since came back to Japan.

I'm back.

I saw a tons of things in 7 countries in S.E.Asia. I try not to waste this experience for myself, and my future.

Thank Y'all, who I met there. I so much appreciate.

and what I've done since I came back is,,,,,,
ahhhh, not that good enough,,,:)

the next day I came back, I went to Norah Jones concert.
it was awesome. she was soooo pretty lol
of course the songs were impressive too.

And Now I've been going to driving school to obtain a motorcycle license. taking classes.

And thinking. what should I do? as I planed, I'm going to Taiwan with my friend, and the place I couldn't go, Myanmar within this year.

but now. I mean,,,, I have a lot of extra times. I'm feeling I'm wasting it.
I went to Asia, but it doesn't work for my life for now.

I know I need to look for a job.

But in the other side, I have times, so I can do something that I can't do after getting job.

Of course I'm anxious about future.

But I can't figure out what is the best choice. I don't even have the choices. I've been searching for it.

poor boy.

I'm going to bed hoping eventually I'll make it.

peace out

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2012.10.31 Wed
Travels don't go along the right schedule.
I've been on a bed at Bangkok hospital for days.
got dengue,,,,over 40degrees fever. hey, it wasn't very easy one lol

strictly I caught it in Laos, once went to see a doc.
but before I got over, decided to move. I was coming across the border with dengue lol.
speaking of which, the doc was wrong. that's why I didn't get over;(

then, here, Bangkok.

I must be quiet on bed that I need to change the schedule.

,,,,Don't be upset. tomorrow I'm getting outta this hospital. and finally going back to Japan stopping by Shanghai.

Wanna eat incredible dishes.

peace out

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2012.10.21 Sun
We call it peace.
Everything doesn't matter. nationality doesn't matter. money doesn't matter(a little bit care!? lol). what you do doesn't matter. The time doesn't matter. In fact, there's no clocks on the walls there(they have computer though lol).

The tiny village, where I didn't even know it exists, a girl whose looking doesn't fit there, is living quietly with her awesome husband from there. She's from Spain.

says, she likes the air, people,,,, she doesn't even name a lot of reasons, but looks so peaceful.

I believe they'll be living there til they're ghosts.
They make me think I wanna be back years later.

Peace Out

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